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X5 E70 help 01.02.2021 15:00 #7882

Hi all,

Sorry for writing in English, my Finnish skills are still way too bad :)

I sold my e92 320d some years ago (and regret it) and now I'm looking for a new car. I found couple 2007 X5s that are reasonable driven (around 160000KM) and look like to be well kept, maintenance book in order, no accidents, etc.

I found some 4.8 V8 and some 3 litters inline 6, all gasoline. After researching a lot online looks like the consensus is that the 3.0 is more reliable than the 4.8. What about consumption, does it change much between them?

Apart form engine, do these cars have any knows issues? What should I be looking for when going to see the cars? I understood the ZF gearbox should have a service at around those Kms. Any specific spot to look for rust?

I would but as a family car so eve if it requires regular preventive maintenance I don't want something that will let me by the side of the road.

On a side note, do we have BMW specific scanners at our garage?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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X5 E70 help 01.02.2021 15:40 #7883

My advise:
Need it or not, buy diesel, preferrable some 3.0 version means one turbo.
Stay away from gasoline models, You choose a lot or huge amount of troubles.
Jukka Kilpiö, jäsen nro 731, kotisivut www.jakiltech.fi

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X5 E70 help 02.02.2021 09:33 #7885

Hi Jaki,

Just checked your business link, looks like you have quite a lot of experience with BMW electronics!

I have driven the car yesterday and it looks in good condition, of course marks of use like the on/off button losing color, the leather a bit marked here and there but drove well, changed gears well, steering tight and firm, no strange noises, it's so tempting :unsure:

The diesels are around 10K€ more expensive and for the amount I drive (quite little) the diesel taxes make it less interesting.

In your experience if the maintenance is correctly done, do these cars still give trouble with things that it should not? I heard the valve steam seals, other seals all around the engine, the gearbox needing a service around 160Kkms, etc, apart from these know ones, does it still give electrical/electronical issues?

Apart from engine I guess that Diesel or Gasoline would have the same issues as everything else is the same?

I was originally looking for a cheap car to go to summer place and supermarket, something like a Pajero or similar, but for around the same price these X70s are soo much nicer cars, so tempting!

Any opinions are very welcome :)

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X5 E70 help 02.02.2021 09:52 #7886

In electronics these all are the same. No any trouble makers at all.
The problem is gasoline vehicles is as You said, gaskets (all of them), ignition coils, injectors, fuel pumps, valetronic mecanism to say. I cannot remember if any N53 (or N63) engine were fitted, if yes, there is problems in all high pressure fuel systems as they age.
If all known issues are done in N52, N62 inc gaskets recently, why not, then You are safe for some years.
Jukka Kilpiö, jäsen nro 731, kotisivut www.jakiltech.fi

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